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You know that at the Workforce Institute, we’re interested in things that make workers and their managers more productive and engaged in their work.  To that end, we’re proud to announce the April 1 release of Workforce HOME, a solution for domestic organization and productivity.

Do you struggle with work life balance?  Struggle no more.  With Workforce HOME, everything from homework scheduling to early morning bathroom queue management can be handled from your laptop or mobile device.  You don’t have to go home to ensure that things are humming along smoothly in your absence.

How much time are you wasting on interaction and conversation with your family?  With Workforce HOME, your dialogue can be reduced to far more efficient text message exchanges, many of which can be system-generated based on preset rules and delivered as alerts.   Use the voice activated capabilities of  Workforce HOME monitoring to let you know when your kids are getting out of line.  When fights or unapproved parties break out at home, you’ll be notified via text and invited to project your stern lecture on every connected screen in your house.

Workforce HOME integrates easily with a wide variety of life management applications, allowing you to outsource even more of your non-work responsibilities.  Kids turn up the heat too high? Add the Nest plug in to ensure there are no violations of your thermostat rules when you’re not there to supervise.  You’re too busy to put dinner on the table, let alone participate in time wasting family meals.  Add the grubHub plug in and you can send your favorite prepaid takeout meals directly from your phone or tablet to your hungry family members waiting at home.

Finally, a work life balance solution that allows you to never leave your workplace.  Sound to0 good to be true?  Take a look at the video below to learn more.

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4 thoughts on “A Modest Proposal for Making Your Home Environment More Productive- Workforce HOME

  1. And just in case you missed the (unstated) punchline, this is an April Fool’s post. Here at the WFI, we believe that work life balance is critical to creating engaged employees and productive workplaces.

  2. While it seems a bit far fetched of an idea, I was just at an Autism conference and I can tell you that many parts of what you are offering would be extremely helpful to kids with autism. They have poor executive functioning and struggle with organization skills. Going off to college without “Kronos Mom and Dad” is pretty overwhelming for these kids!

    How about next year you develop “Kronos Wife” – someone who cooks, cleans, gets the kids where they need to go, organizes vacations, sends cards and gifts etc. etc. It would be tops on my Christmas list!

  3. Okay, I admit it: For a while there, you really had me going… amazed at how creative and evolutionary you Kronos people are!

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