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Missed Administrative Professionals Day? An Apology in Verse

Roses_Bunch_Of_FlowersDear Beth and Joanne,

I am truly deeply sorry that I failed to recognize that Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day.  I hope the following will help express my heartfelt apologies!

Dear Beth and Joanne

Joanne and Beth

Always calm and collected

Though we work you to death


When we're forgetful

Or just running late

You make us look good

No matter what's on your plate


You schedule the events

Then schedule again

Because half the attendees

Change their plans to attend


You have our backs

Through thick and thin

Your constant excellence

Helps us all to win


So know that we notice

Every day of the year

Even if on this one day

Flowers failed to appear

Thanks to both of you for supporting all of us every day of the year.    We can't do what we do without you!




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