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A Millennial Offers 7 Tips for Winning the Job You want

successToday's guest post is courtesy of repeat guest blogger Nicole Neves, a former Kronos intern who has joined our HR department as an employee. Nicole will be guest blogging here on issues that are relevant to Millennials in the workplace.

When entering the workforce, Millennials often have this idealistic vision that we can find the perfect job and organization that will cultivate and mold our professional development.  Our drive and ambition is a double edged sword, we will do whatever it takes to be successful but appear high maintenance and disloyal. The stereotype is beginning to break as we prove ourselves in the workforce but there will always be a stubborn bunch that doubts us. Still, we need to demonstrate dedication to an organization and an undeniable commitment to our work to assure employers we are in it for the long haul. If you are genuinely interested in winning a position with an employer,  you need to plan and prepare in order to set yourself apart.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Define your value. In order to choose an employer you must understand your own underlying values. When an employer asks the infamous question: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years” don't just give a generic answer. Consider what you are passionate about and express it in your answer. There is no wrong way to answer this question but an answer reflecting your values will be a lot more telling than an entire outline of how you are going to climb to the top in that short period of time. Especially if it took that hiring manager 20 years to get to where you expect to be in just 5.
  2. Do your research. Check into your network to see if you know anyone that is working or has worked at an employer you are interested in. References are great but do not rely on them. The internet is also full of information, try GlassDoor for candid employee reviews of their employer.
  3. Get an internship prior to senior year and even consider an internship after graduating. There is no shame in wanting more experience before searching for an entry level position. It is better to spend post grad interning than sitting idle at home waiting for the opportunity. relevant internships are vital to demonstrating to a prospective employer that you are a serious candidate.
  4. Read a book and improve your communication skills. No matter what field you are in you will need to write some sort of report and constantly communicate with those around you. It is easy to improve writing skills by reading and you can even kill two birds with one stone by reading a book that will also improve your communication skills such as Emotional Intelligence 2.0.
  5. Detail, detail, detail. When you are asked a technical question in an interview give as much detail as possible. If you are too broad they might think you don't know what you're talking about no matter how knowledgeable you are on the subject. Whether it is a question about a project you worked on or how to use a software, don't skimp on details.
  6. Push for what you want. You will not be handed the career of your dreams. If you hear the employer you are interested in will be on campus, go speak to them. If you hear the employer you are interested in will be at an event such as TechJam, go speak to them. Persistence is key. Even if you are initially denied a position, take the news gracefully and keep in touch. Ask if there is anything you can improve next time around then take that advice to better yourself. Another position will likely open up in upcoming months and if they notice a drastic improvement they will respect the effort you put in.
  7. Once you get the job, stay loyal. An employer hiring a new grad is taking a risk. If you did your research and are genuinely happy at the organization, show them your loyalty. Entering the workforce full time is an overwhelming milestone that sometimes results in rash decisions. If you chose the company you were hired at for all the right reasons do not leave simply because you were offered higher compensation at another organization. It will surely come back to haunt you in the future if you are unhappy at your new job. Money doesn't buy happiness. Always consider work/life balance, culture and the responsibilities you are given before making the decision.

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