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Market Basket Saga - New Beginning

Artie T thanks supportersAn agreement was reached last night for Arthur T. Demoulas (ArtieT) to buy Market Basket from his cousin's family and take control of the company again as CEO.  Those of you following this story know that this has been a twenty year battle that in recent weeks has taken this company to its knees.  This is a remarkable story of how employee and customer loyalty can shape the destiny of a business.  In his first public speech since his firing in June, ArtieT thanked his employees and customers in this moving speech this morning.

One thing he said this morning encapsulates the spirit behind this employee led movement, "The workplace here at Market Basket is so much more than just a job."  Lots of leaders say this, but the trustworthiness of this leader led his employees to put their livelihoods on the line for him.  Congratulations to Market Basket for getting their company back in business.

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