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Surviving March Madness

covey priorities matrix-for-job-aidsMarch Madness?  Those of you who follow me know I'm not much of a sports aficionado, so I'm not referring to the college basketball tournament.  My madness is due to  yesterday being the first day of spring, and I'm still looking at piles still frozen snow outside of my window where temperatures languish at levels inhospitable to human happiness.  Three days out of the next ten are likely to produce more snow according to the Weather Channel.  I ordered lavender, dahlias and blueberry bushes from a garden catalog this week and hope that the ground will be thawed by the time they arrive for planting.

Yup - this is a time of year when we yearn for the balmy days of spring and summer ahead while we continue to deal with the dim grey reality of early spring in New England.  We are 9 weeks away from our next national 3-day weekend holiday and we have to stay strong.  One way to get out of the doldrums is to give yourself something to be excited about at work (beyond that distant long weekend).

For most organizations, the first quarter is about to end. What progress have you made on those innovative projects you said you were going to do this year? The chart here comes from Stephen Covey's wildly popular book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People".  Originally published in 1989, this book is still worth reading 25 years later. The chart's a tool to help you think about how you're investing your time, especially the kind of time that actually helps you make progress.  Quadrant II represents the time you invest in the short term that is intended to produce results in the longer term - planning, exercising, connecting with others who matter to you at work and home, envisioning the path to your longer term objectives.

How much of your time are you making for the "important but not urgent" work?  That's where innovation and personal growth flourish and boredom gives way to optimism about the future.

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