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Managing Uncertainty

Today's post is submitted by Joyce Maroney, Executive Director of the Workforce Institute. Here we share a discussion between business continuity leaders in Boston, including Kronos VP of Global Workspace Solutions Jon Proffitt about managing uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Business leaders worldwide are scrambling to ensure the safety of their employees in the face of COVID-19 while simultaneously mitigating its economic impacts. Workers who can work from home are being encouraged to do so. Workers who can't do their jobs remotely are soldiering on, trying their best not to get sick. Governments at all levels are issuing increasingly strict advisories (and in some cases, orders) to contain the virus by preventing people from gathering and infecting each other. Non-essential businesses are forced to close, and small businesses in particular wonder if they'll ever get the lights on again.

Jon Proffitt is one of those leaders whose day job is all about keeping employees safe while keeping the lights on. In the webinar below, he joins local leaders from the greater Boston area to discuss how they are addressing the COVID-19 crisis within their organizations. Hosted by the Mass High Tech Council, insights include decision making, communications best practices and more.

In addition to Jon, you'll hear from leaders at organizations such as Boston Scientific, McKinsey & Co., and Putnam Investments provide insights into how they're thinking through the current situation when it comes to:

  • Ensuring employee safety
  • Advancing public health strategies
  • Minimizing business disruptions
  • Best practices and protocols currently being implemented

Please use this player to watch the webinar.

For more information about managing through the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit our site, Managing Through Times of Uncertainty. There, we'll be publishing articles designed to help leaders manage through these trying times.


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