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How Close is Your Work Culture to Your Life Culture?

Time geo fit

If you participate in facebook and/or other social media channels, you've probably seen this Time article that's making the rounds.  Entitled "America's Mood Map: An Interactive Guide to the United States of Attitude" it profiles each of the 48 contiguous United States according to the OCEAN personality test.  The profiles are based on a  13- year study by Jason Rentfrow of the University of Cambridge in the U.K. and included 1.6 million respondents.

Of course I had to take the test and see how well I fit with my beloved Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Imagine my surprise that the test revealed I was much better suited to life in the South; i.e. Georgia.  It turns out that I'm way less neurotic than my fellow citizens of Red Sox nation.  Still - I'm happy here in this lobster-eating, liberal, snow-loving state.  I'm very happy with my Chelmsford, MA based employer.

It does make me wonder, though, how important these regional differences are in the workplace.  As employees are increasingly working from home, and in some cases with colleagues around the globe,  how much of an impact does the headquarters location have on the work climate in the diverse geographies in which an organization operates?

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