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Join Us at the Massachusetts Conference for Women.

MA Conf

Update:  Since most of you probably weren't able to join us at the conference, you might like to listen to a podcast of our discussion on the conference website.  You can find our session at this link.

I'm looking forward to attending the Massachusetts Conference for Women next week.  This event is huge - 10,000 plus attendees -and is the largest conference of its kind in the US.  Women from all age groups and walks of life attend to take advantage of great content, networking opportunities, and the shared bond of navigating the world as women.

I have really enjoyed the speakers and sessions  in prior years.  This year I have the opportunity to deliver a session as well.  I'll be moderating a panel discussion among several of our super smart board members: China Gorman, consultant, speaker, writer, and former CEO of the Great Place to Work® Institute; Sharlyn LaubyThe HR Bartender and president of ITM Group, Inc.; and Susan Meisinger, SPHR, JD, and former president and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Our session is titled, “The Power of Culture: Strategies for Winning With Your Employees.” We'll be talking about  many of the themes outlined in our new book, It's All About Bob(bie) - Strategies for Winning With Your Employees, to reveal how organizations can have it all: happy employees, loyal customers, and better bottom-line results than ever before.

We'll  explore how culture drives results; provide tips on empowering millennials; explain the importance of leading from the top down; and discuss how to build and nurture a corporate culture of engaged employees. Copies of Strategies for Winning with Your Employees will be available in the conference book store.

If you're attending the conference, I hope you'll join us on December 10 at 3:00 pm.


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