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Jeanne Meister on the Workplace of the Future - Social and Mobile and Wearable, Oh My!

women techYesterday I had a conversation with our board member, Jeanne Meister, about the future of the workplace.  Jeanne is a Founding Partner of Future Workplace, LLC, a firm that provides executive education to HR leaders and high potential managers to build the skills they need to prepare for success in the workplace of the future.  Our far-ranging conversation covered social media, gamification, and workplace flexibility among other topics.  You can listen to the podcast to hear how organizations like Zappos, American Express and USAA are dealing with the following issues:

  • Are we making progress on offering more flexiblity in the workplace?
  • Is social media a distraction or a component of a effective workplace?
  • Is wearable technology an opportunity or a threat?
  • Is the resume dead as a means of identifying top talent?


If you're interested in learning more about how gamification is being used in forward looking workplaces,  you can check out this cool infographic from Future Workplace on how organizations are using gamification at work:

Meister Gamification Infographicfinal06-24

You may also be interested in learning more about the HR Innovation Lab that Future Workplace is hosting with the Drucker Institute.  You can find more information about how innovation impacts HR practices here.

What's your organization doing to embrace (or avoid) the future?


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