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Is Hiring Vintage Workers the Solution to Your Skill Gaps?

Sharon Emek is a woman on a mission.  After a long and illustrious career in the insurance industry, she's founded WAHVE (work at home vintage employees) to fill the skill gaps created for insurers by the retirement of their baby boomer (average age 57) employees.  According to Sharon, WAHVE is the only remote outsourced staffing alternative to offshoring for insurance agents, brokers and insurers.  WAHVE matches insurers with employees who can  provide full back-office and customer service, project, and consulting work.  And what's unique about the employees she contracts to these insurers?  They are experienced (typically >25 years) insurance professionals who've reached the stage in life where they still want to work, but desire more flexibility than can be afforded by full time employment.

Many of these retirees wish to continue working, but also require flexibility to downshift, enjoy the grandchildren, care for aging parents of their own, or spend more time pursuing interests they didn't have the time or means for when they were younger.  Their departure, however, is creating challenges for their former employers.  WAHVE serves a matching service between retirees and organizations that can benefit from their services, creating a win-win for both parties.

Tune in to our podcast conversation to hear from Sharon about why hiring vintage workers may be the wahve of the future (pun intended): Sharon Emek Wahve Podcast

Learn more about how Wahve matches retired jobseekers and employers at their website:

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