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Investor Attention to Human Capital: a New Standard

The following guest blog post is from our board member, David Creelman.  He is a member of the SHRM Metrics and Measures Taskforce and introduces their draft recommendation for standard HCM metrics below.

An ANSI standard on what human capital information to report to investors has been released for public consultation by the Metrics and Measures Taskforce at SHRM.

The long-run impact of this will be to focus the attention of executive teams, boards and investors on evaluating human capital factors. The proposed standard is a starting point, not an end point. It provides a common, concrete place to begin the conversation on human capital and it grounds that conversation in metrics.  I, of course, am utterly biased as I was one of the leaders of the taskforce.

To stay in the loop you can join the Human Capital Investor Metrics group on LinkedIn.  If you'd like to learn more, you can purchase a pre-release ebook version of a guidebook explaining the standard here.  Or if you have questions just email me

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