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Tweet Chat on Women in the Workplace

womens day march 8Our tweet chat in honor of International Women's Day posed several questions to our board members and the rest of the 169,350 people who follow them about how things are for women in the workplace.  Specifically:

Q1: The theme this year for #womensday is inspiring change. How has a female leader inspired you?

Q2: In what ways does gender still matter in the workplace?

Q3: What are the changes needed to ensure that women are full participants in the workplace?

Q4: What are the most effective ways that managers can engage & develop their female employees?

Q5: How can we get more women in STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math) careers? Do you think this will help bridge the skills gap?

Q6: Unfortunately wage inequality still exists. How does it affect companies hiring and looking to retain talent?

Q7: How will your organization celebrate #womensday?

If you'd like to hear their answers, you can review the full transcript of our discussion below.  I've also included a few relevant links about women's place at work.

What have been the biggest changes in the workplace for women during your lifetime?  What changes still need to be made?

Relevant Links:
Video celebrating women's contributions in the world

Leo Daley's tribute to strong women (worth reading)

World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report (2013)

Do We Still Need International Women's Day

Ruth Bramson on a roadmap to address the gender wage gap

Read the full transcript of our tweet chat:

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