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I'll take some flies with that...

I recently attended the Net Promoter Conference in New York City and had the pleasure of hearing Director of Customer Service Tom Graves and CEO Jim Parrish of Carolina Biological Supply talk about how they've grown their business by investing in the skills of their frontline workers.  Carolina supplies college and high school science departments with the equipment and organisms they require to equip their laboratories.

Their story is a great case study for organizations seeking to grow the loyalty of their customers through improving the experience delivered by the employees who interact with those customers on a daily basis.  Carolina achieved success by explicitly measuring their customers' experience, sharing that customer feedback with employees, and providing training to those employees to enable them to better meet their customers' expectations.  Although many organizations undertake similar customer loyalty programs, the extent to which Carolina has involved their customer service reps in driving improved results is unique.

I recently interviewed Tom Graves in order to share the Carolina story with you.  You can listen to a podcast of our discussion here.

In this discussion, you'll hear Tom refer to "NPS".  This stands for Net Promoter Score, a widely used measure of customer loyalty.  You can learn more about NPS here.

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