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Humans & Robots at the Frontline

Today's post is a podcast conversation between Joyce Maroney, former Executive Director of the Workforce Institute and Dan Schawbel, Managing Partner of Workplace Intelligence. Listen in to hear Dan's take on how collaboration between humans & robots at the frontline will change the future of work.

This conversation with Dan is part of our series based on our recent book, Being Present:  A Practical Guide for Transforming the Employee Experience of Your Frontline Workforce.  Dan's been researching the future of work for a while, and is a widely sought after expert on the topic. In his chapter in the book, he argues that artificial intelligence and robots are not going to replace human workers. He does, however, make the case that organizations need to be planning now for how they'll incorporate these new technologies into their operations and their workforce development.

I hope you'll listen in to hear Dan's insights.

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