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HR Predictions Tweet Chat 2.10.20

We are hosting a tweetchat on Monday, February 10th at Noon ET to discuss a few of the implications of our 2020 Workforce Institute Predictions. You can join the chat at #KronosChat.

Early in January, we published our 2020 Workforce Institute HR Predictions. We poll our advisory board members each year for their insights about the most important trends to watch in the HR domain in the coming year. We've asked our board members to join us for this tweet chat to discuss our 2020 HR predictions, and to talk a little more deeply about their implications. We'll hope you'll join us Monday, February 10th at noon Eastern Time to participate in this conversation. If you've never participated in a tweet chat, but would like to try, here's an article that will help you get ready.

Here are the questions we'll be discussing:

Q1: In order to attract and retain top talent today, employers must provide a total rewards package that includes a more wholistic perspective on employee wellness. What must be included and  why?  

Q2: How can employers stay competitive if they can't provide such a comprehensive total rewards package? What is most important? Where should they focus?  

Q3: Schedule flexibility, paid  leave, and income stability laws are appearing on legislators' dockets. What can businesses do to stay ahead of growing regulations?  

Q4: Both organizations and legislation will focus on people-centric solutions that allow employees to celebrate, recover, manage life events, care for others, and grieve on their own timeline.”¯Have you seen some good examples of these types of policies?  

Q5: How can  employers manage controversial and potentially divisive dynamics in the workplace during a time of global economic and political turbulence? 

Q6: Unemployment is at record lows and employers are challenged to hire enough people with the skills they need.  What can organizations do to fill their talent supply chains and help close the skills gap? 

Q7: HR is a world of haves and have nots when it comes to investments in technology and processes that could modernize their workplace.  How can HR pros on the have-not spectrum take baby steps to become more strategic, employee centric and efficient?  

Q8: What top trends do you see impacting the global workforce in the coming year?   

Share your insights!

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