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What Do HR Practitioners Wish Their Tech Vendors Knew About Them?

William Tincup, Workforce Institute board member and Principal Analyst at KeyInterval Research, recently published a research report on the Ideal Tech Vendor Relationship.   The research examines the relationship between HR Enterprise Software vendors and their target customer, the HR practitioner. The findings paint a picture of how the HR and technology relationship is working today and outline the best practices used by those who have seemingly found the secret sauce.

William and I discussed their findings recently, and you can listen in on our discussion via the podcast player at the bottom of this post.  One of the highlights of the research we discussed was just how important user adoption was to HR tech buyers, even more important than budget and meeting project schedules when it came to their evaluation of their implementation experience.  Most (78%) of the respondents in this research rated their products satisfactorily, but want more out of the relationships they have (or don't) with their vendors.  Listen to the podcast below to hear from William about:

  •  What findings were the most surprising?
  • What common myths you were able to dispel?
  • What are the main drivers that cause HR practitioners to fire a vendor?
  • What are the disconnects between  how the HR practitioner views what's most important versus the perceptions of how technology vendors view the relationship?
  • What do the best vendor-practitioner relationships have in common?

Listen in on our conversation below and join it by adding your comments to this post.  What are your best and worst stories about dealing with tech vendors?


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