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How to Be Better at Managing

Today’s post comes to us from Chris Mullen, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP, SPHR, executive director of The Workforce Institute.

We talk a lot here at The Workforce Institute about managers and the act — or maybe more appropriately, the art — of managing people. In fact, just last month, we introduced our What Kind of People Manager Are You? interactive quiz, and our advisory board member Dennis Miller wrote about how manager training remains critical to retention, building upon our Workplace Predictions for 2022.

This is by design. Managers can make or break an organization and the success of its people. That said, managing people is no easy task. Many times, managers are promoted to the role because they’ve thrived as individual contributors, and it might be the first time they’ve managed others. As any people leader will tell you, it’s a different world from life as an individual contributor.

As a manager, there are many skills to learn and to refine over time. While training is the usual answer for companies, it’s not the only answer — nor should it be. Even longtime managers will always have room to improve.

Would you like to be better at managing? Maybe you’re new to a management role yourself, or you’ve been managing people for more years than you can count. Either way, I invite you to check out my new on-demand webinar: “Better at Managing: Three Reasons, Four Ways, and One Practical Action Plan.”

We’ll jump into the world of management so you can better understand the importance of being a great manager for your employees and the organization, learn what you can do to become a better manager, and even complete a written action plan so you can improve what you’ve learned from the session.

Watch the Better at Managing webinar, available now. You — and your people — will be better for it!

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