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How Technology Enhances Frontline Worker Experience

Today's post is a podcast with Dennis Miller, Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Benefits Administration at The Claremont Colleges. Here he discusses how technology enhances frontline worker experiences in the realm of higher education.

Following is the newest podcast in our series based on our recent book, Being Present:  A Practical Guide for Transforming the Employee Experience of Your Frontline Workforce.   My guest Dennis Miller has held a number of executive roles over his career in human resources and was formerly the Chief Employment Officer for Cal Poly Pomona Foundation. Dennis' main focus in the workplace is organizational development, with an emphasis on process improvement through the application of technology, and team development.

His chapter in our book is entitled Using Technology to Improve Your Frontline Employee Experience.  Dennis has extensive experience selecting and deploying human resource technology in the higher education sphere, and shares his key tips for making these tools work for organizations, employees, and students. In our discussion, we talk about what he's learned about what it takes to lay a solid foundation during your planning process to ensure you'll launch a system that works for all stakeholders.

Please listen in on our conversation using the player below. You can follow all of our podcasts at Workforce Institute Radio on iTunes as well.

Conversation with Dennis Miller

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