Hourly Workforce Planning: One Size Does Not Fit All

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Take a look at our newest white paper, “Increasing Hourly Workforce Productivity: Different types of work, different types of workers“. Our board member, Steve Hunt, wrote this paper in response to a spirited discussion we had during our last board meeting.

During that meeting, we talked about the inherent flaws in trying to define best practices in hourly workforce management without addressing the fundamental differences between hourly jobs. Layer on the demographic differences among the employees who perform these jobs, and the concept of best practices becomes even more nuanced.

In Steven’s white paper, he provides a framework to help organizations think about how differences in the competencies required for different types of hourly jobs translate into differences in talent management best practices. Throughout the talent management lifecycle, those differences should drive decisions regarding how employers choose to attract, train, engage and retain their workforce in the pursuit of optimal productivity.

For more insight on this topic, listen to the podcast below for an interview with Steven Hunt.

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