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Guest Blog: Aron Ain - Competing for Talent at Kronos

It's been an exciting week at Kronos.  We successfully completed our 58th acquisition (Deploy), celebrated our 30th year in business, and today begins our annual user conference, KronosWorks.  We're on a roll, and it feels great to see the momentum we have as an increasingly global company.  Having been here almost from the beginning, I'm immensely proud of where we are today. 

In the midst of all this good news, I think about the opportunities ahead of us and what it will take for us to continue to grow our company.  What I hear from customers and partners every day is how much they value our people.  We've always had an unflagging commitment to providing our customers with great products and services, and a culture that values integrity and commitment to results.  Those are great statements for a poster on the wall, but I know it comes down to every Kronos employee believing these things and behaving this way for us to continue our growth and success. 

Like most companies today, we are competing hard for the best possible talent for our company.  We are constantly looking for people who believe as we do that customers come first, and who will be willing to go the extra mile to make things happen.  We're working hard to make it possible for employees at different stages in their lives and careers to find a good fit at Kronos.   

Enabling people to work remotely is an increasing and successful practice for us.  Not only does it make for satisfied employees, it allows us to tap broader candidate pools.  We're actively recruiting workers who are at the beginning of their careers - in order to build more bench strength for the Kronos of the future.  We believe that employees need to have the schedule flexibility to invest in and manage their lives outside of Kronos, and so we encourage managers to enable them to do so.  The work has to get done, but not always on a 9-5 schedule. 

We'll continue to invest in recruiting and retention programs to attract employees like those who've made us so successful for the last 30 years.   There is no Kronos without our people.

Aron Ain is CEO of  Kronos Incorporated.

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