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Going Mobile

I'm off to HR Tech on Sunday to represent Kronos, catch up with old friends, and check out what's new and exciting in our industry. I'm also leaving my laptop at home and relying solely on my iPad (and her kid sister, iPhone) to keep up with my computing needs. Although I've had the iPad since Christmas, I haven't had the courage yet to leave my laptop at home during business travel.

My first "portable computer" was the one I used for my job as a Systems Marketing Rep at Control Data in 1983. It was as big and heavy as a sewing machine to carry, yet I felt as cool as Lt. Uhura on Star Trek with that baby. I'd swish into a customer's conference room in 3 inch heels and shoulder pads worthy of an NFL player. There would be audible gasps when I'd establish a phone connection to our mainframe in Ohio with my "mobile" device - a 1200 kilobyte per second acoustic coupler.

The power and portability the average citizen carries around today was inconceivable then, and the notion of a universal computing network was a brand new concept limited largely to defense and academic applications. I've been fortunate to have had a front row seat with leading edge software companies for almost 30 years, but still find certain computing habits hard to break. So, wish me luck as I put a couple thousand miles between me and the Dell next week.

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