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Generations, Inc. - A Conversation with Meagan and Larry Johnson

I recently had the pleasure of talking to Meagan and Larry Johnson, a  daughter-father team who co-authored Generations, Inc. - an instructive manual on how to manage in the inter-generational workplace.   Their firm, the Johnson Training Group, has helped a wide variety of organizations with management innovations including American Express, Harley Davidson, and Nordstrom among many others.

Meagan and Larry have a particular interest in the challenges of managing generational differences at work.   For a variety of reasons, older workers are remaining in the workforce longer than ever before.  Although the financial turmoil of recent years and its impact on retirement plans is often cited as a major driver, many older workers are just as motivated by the desire to stay engaged in meaningful pursuits.  In fact, the reluctance of older workers to retire is driving European countries with mandatory retirement age rules to revisit them.

This all leads to an increasing number of workplaces where up to five generations - from Boomers to Linksters - are coworkers.  The Johnsons' book is full of insights about the critical events that have shaped each generation, how they differ in their approach to work and life, and how those differences can be managed effectively in the workplace.

Click on the link below to listen to my conversation with Meagan and Larry.  And let us know about your experiences in the multigenerational workplace.

Conversation with Meagan and Larry Johnson

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