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Future Research

How can we make this site relevant for you? Here are topics that have already been submitted for research.

  1. Sustaining relationships with hourly workers beyond the term of their employment can improve the sourcing and availability of workers.
  2. The integration of talent management and workforce management best practices, combined with meaningful analytics, will drive improved workforce management results.
  3. Effective organizations leverage local demographic, economic and environmental data to understand and better operate within their business “micro climate”.
  4. Best practice organizations find ways to think globally and act locally. For example, in retail and healthcare, it is difficult to offshore hourly jobs because an on-premise presence is required, but there are blended models such as fast food order taking.
  5. There is a “new deal” with hourly workers in organizations with superior attraction and retention track records. For example, we must provide innovative reward and recognition programs, and opportunities to expand skills in situations where promotion not an option.
  6. Other

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