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Fresh Starts

I'm having an adventure.  I should say, WE, are having an adventure.  Dennis and I, in the full throes of empty nest syndrome, are restless about what comes next.  The good news is that we still enjoy each others' company and are excited about the next chapter of our lives.

Which is where things start to get confusing.  Having worked for the past three decades to afford a home, a family, and two NYU diplomas, we find ourselves without a concrete vision for what comes next.

So, we started to talk about moving back to Boston - where we both lived at the time we met.  Those years between college and settling down were fun for both us, but we didn't know each other then.  Twenty-seven years ago, we met, married and moved to a very small town within a few months.  We never shared an urban adventure, and so we started looking at condos in the city of Boston - big bucks, little spaces, but a level of energy that's hard to match out on the tombolo.

And we started to talk about timing for retirement - a milestone that's seemed like a fantasy for so long it's hard to imagine it will be reality within a decade or less.  We've done the financial planning, we just haven't crafted the vision for how we spend our days.  I've written about my great fortune in matters matrimonial before.  One of the reasons our marriage works is that Dennis is good at soaring vision, while I'm good at project planning and management.  Between the two of us, we generate a lot of forward momentum.

Which brings us back to the question of moving - or not.  We came to realize we weren't ready to leave the tombolo, but decided that didn't need to stand in the way of an urban adventure.  We moved into a condo in Boston for two months to test our resolve while we get some work done on our house.   Leveraging a lot of years of change management experience, we're  "piloting" a different way of living without abandoning the foundation we've already built.

In life, just as in work, half the battle is just getting started.  Stay tuned.

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