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As I mentioned in a recent post on the difficulty I had staying out of Outlook while on vacation, unplugging from the digital world is increasingly difficult for a lot of people.  We’re constantly connected via increasingly sophisticated mobile devices.  These pocket sized devils bring us lots of fun and pleasure, as well as making it all too easy to check out on the real world around us as we submerse ourselves in the digiverse.    Being able to check the work email remotely has untethered a lot of us from the bricks-and-mortar office of the past and enabled better work-life balance.  And it’s also made it tougher to draw lines between work and life.

So what’s the answer?  Our board members Sharlyn Lauby and William Tincup have a lot of experience navigating the boundaries between healthy flexibility and digital addiction.  You can listen in on our conversation on this topic in our podcast titled “Taking a digital vacation“.

We’re interested in what you have to say on this topic, too.  What’s your solution to drawing boundaries between work and life?  Do you ever truly unplug?

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