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How Are Your Employees Rating You?

social reviewsToday's post is courtesy of my Kronos colleague, Leo Daley.  This post was orginally published on Working Smarter Cafe. 

The experience your employees have when they come to work each day has a huge impact on the experience your customers will have.  What investments are you making in your employees to make them social fans?

I've been thinking a lot lately about the power of “social proof” (think Yelp, Tripadvisor and Amazon reviews), and “social depth” for a business. Forrester defines “social depth” as:

“…tactics that help prospects explore and buy your products. When you provide Social Depth on your own branded website(s), you offer detail about what your brand stands for and expose your prospects to real customer experiences.”

Those tactics include things like blogs, online community (working on it), real-time user generated content, social sign-on, and ratings and reviews.

When it comes to recruiting and building the talent in an organization, prospective employees now look for “social proof” of the employee experience on sites like Glassdoor. I'm sure some companies must cringe at the thought of a strong candidate reading a series of short horror stories on Glassdoor, but not us. Hey, we're not perfect, and neither are our reviews, but in the world of “social proof,” a mix of good and bad reviews seems more authentic… More real. Most people think so.

Speaking of proof, we just released the results of our most recent independent employee engagement survey, and in the announcement, we invite candidates to check us out on Glassdoor. We're growing, and we want people around the world to know Kronos is a great place to work. We need to hire around 1,000 employees in 2015, and right now we have 300 current openings.




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