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Dr. Scott Spera on the Science of Customer Experience

Fans of our blog and the podcast series should be very familiar with the work of MIT business professor Zeynep Ton. We've cited her book, “The Good Jobs Strategy,” on several occasions, as well as her research showing that paying workers better and treating them better is - surprise - better for the bottom line. We've also cited research from Gallup indicating that companies with a highly engaged workforce outperform their competitors by almost 150% in earnings per share.

Time and again research proves that engaged employees create happier customers, which leads to better company performance. At The Workforce Institute, we call this the virtuous cycle of engagement. So what does it take to put the right people in the right place at the right time to deliver a great customer experience?

Dr. Scott Spera has some thoughts on that question.  Scott is the director of analytics solutions at Convergys, an organization that helps its clients improve customer loyalty, reduce costs, and generate revenue through programs like customer care, analytics, and tech support. Scott is directly responsible for designing and implementing best practice customer experience measurement and improvement programs. One of my responsibilities at Kronos is to lead our Voice of the Customer program, and we happen to be a Convergys customer - so was very pleased to have the opportunity to speak with Scott about how Convergys uses metrics to drive performance.

You can listen to our conversation to hear his anwers to the following questions:

1.  How have you been able to measure the relationship between improved customer experience and higher revenues?

2.  What are the biggest drivers of employee engagement at Convergys?

3.  How do leaders create and sustain a culture where engagement can thrive?

4.  What are the reasons for a break in the chain where the vision of the organization does not connect with first-line supervisors or vice versa?

5.  Are there any engagement tips you'd recommend to get leaders onboard, or to help with building engagement in other companies?

Listen to the podcast here.



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