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Build a Digital Relationship with Your Frontline Workforce

This podcast is contributed by Joyce Maroney, Executive Director of the Workforce Institute. This is the second of a series of podcasts I'll be hosting on key ideas from our most recently published book, Being Present: A Practical Guide for Transforming the Employee Experience of Your Frontline Workforce. Here, I interview Workforce Institute board member Bob Clements, President at Axsium Group about his chapter focused on using mobile technology to build a digital relationship with your frontline workforce. Axsium helps organizations around the world improve their performance by maximizing the productivity of their people and Bob has significant real world experience helping clients deploy mobile solutions to that end.

In our conversation, we cover:

  • The ubiquity of mobile devices and how they've changed the game for frontline workforce management.
  • The ways employers leverage the mobile technologies of their employees to strengthen and extend their relationship.
  • How mobile tech can strengthen organizational resilience in the face of crises like COVID-19.
  • 5 steps that employers can take to create a strong digital relationship with employees.
  • Best practices when it comes to creating digital relationships with employees?
  • Typical challenges organizations face when they decide to enable mobile capabilities for their employees - and how they can address them.

You can listen in on our conversation on the player below. And feel free to comment on this post to add your own insights.

Conversation with Bob Clements about using mobile technology to enhance employee experience.

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