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A Conversation About Making Big Data Small

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I recently had the opportunity to interview  Aram Faghfouri, senior data scientist at Kronos; Holger Mueller, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research; and David Wright, vice president of architecture at Kronos, about the challenges and rewards associated with making big data small.  Everybody's talking about Big Data, which is increasingly becoming a major strategic focus for firms that sell technology and consulting services.  The mountain of data that the former help organizations create provides an equally large opportunity for the latter to help interpret.

For many organizations, mining their transactional data for analytical "pots of gold" can seem both daunting and potentially dangerous when they begin to contemplate issues like data security and privacy.  Aram, Holger and Dave shared their views on the following topics that may help you transform your mountain of data into nuggets of insight:

  • What kinds of data are valuable to workforce management leaders;
  • Practical advice on how to get started;
  • Privacy concerns and projections for how they will be addressed; and
  • The skills gap surrounding big data and strategies for finding success.

 You can listen to our conversation here.

What are you doing to leverage data to transform your workplace?

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