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Managers and Their Employees' Mental Health

We asked our advisory board composed of
global HR and workforce management experts "What can managers do to support employees’ mental health?" and compiled it into one easy-to-read ebook, just for you!

Improving 1:1s with your direct reports

This guide was created because there are too many managers out there who have never been taught or trained on how to hold impactful 1:1s — which increase trust and build meaningful relationships with those you work with. 1:1s are a critical way for managers to develop trust and demonstrate that they care for employees.

Banking on Trust

In this ebook, you’ll learn just how important trust in the workplace is and you’ll discover key strategies that will help both you and your people succeed every day. Trust is like a bank account, and your deposits (and withdrawals) go a long way in keeping employees engaged, happy, and productive. Download the complimentary ebook today and start banking on trust!

Successful Onboarding Experience

A successful onboarding experience is crucial to giving your new employee the tools they’ll use to build a foundation for their new role and more importantly a sense of inclusion and belonging. You can begin implementing these proven tips to better the workplace experience for the employees at your company, today!

What Kind of People Manager Are You? (QUIZ)

Here, at The Workforce Institute, we believe creating great experiences is possible in any workplace. That's why we've curated a free quiz to help you figure out what kind of people leader you are. The results may just surprise you! You'll also receive actionable tips you can implement immediately.

Attracting Talent Checklist

The news about talent challenges are unavoidable for employers today. In fact, the jobseekers of today have more choices than ever before, leaving many organizations wondering how to approach their talent acquisition strategies more effectively. Performing a 3-part talent acquisition health check can help organizations get ahead of this dilemma and prepare for the future.

HCM 360

The workplace has changed over the last two decades and so has the workload and demands put on the workforce. Because of these complexities, executives are looking for HCM guidance and best practices beyond "just" a software solution. The HCM360 will help you solve pressing questions, identify how future ready your organization is, and enable actionable change.

IDEA Framework Big Data: The Mystery, The Myth, The Magic

Many organizations find themselves with a disconnect between what’s expected out of their data and what’s available, HR professionals can help bridge the gap. The IDEA Framework is designed to help HR identify how their people information is collected, stored, managed and shared.

The People Purpose Podcast

We’re chock full of human resources and people process chatter here on The People Purpose Podcast. Warning: we keep it lighthearted, fun, professional, and real! Tune in for insights and real-life stories from the world of human resources, business, leadership, and technology. You might also hear Chas and Julie's quips about pop culture, sports, parenting, and more. Our purpose is people: join us on the journey!

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