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Consumer Driven Economy at a Cross Roads

Dr. Robert Yerex, Chief Economist at Kronos, was recently recognized by the National Association for Business Economics for his paper “Consumer Driven Economy at a Cross Roads”.  Robert's research leverages the Kronos Retail Labor Index, a family of metrics and indices that analyze the relationship between the demand and supply sides of the labor market within the US retail sector, and provides a distinct and early indicator of the overall state of the economy.

Robert and I spoke in December about the key findings in his paper and what they portend for the recovery of the global economy.  At its peak in the 2007/2008 time frame, consumer spending made up 70% of the US GDP.  This spending, driven in large measure by high consumer debt that was often built on home equity, has retracted significantly during the recession.

In this podcast, Robert discusses what his research reveals about the "new normal" with respect to economic growth in the US and what must be done to achieve the right balance between encouraging consumer spending without re-creating the adverse economic situation we've experienced in the recent recession.

Click here to listen to my conversation with Robert Yerex about the "new normal" consumer economy.

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