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Chat with Kronos CNE Nanne Finis

This podcast is submitted by Joyce Maroney, Executive Director of the Workforce Institute. Here Joyce interviews new Kronos CNE Nanne Finis.

You might be surprised to know that a tech company like Kronos has a Chief Nurse Executive. If you have any experience with business technology, though, you know how important it is for the tech provider to understand the nuances of how that tech will be used by the client. This isn't just a "speeds and feeds" conversation; i.e. what functions the tech performs. Rather, it's a partnership between client and provider aligned on the specific use cases that need to be supported. In order to make sure that Kronos healthcare clients are getting the maximum benefit from our technology, we have a team of RN's who assist in assessing client needs and translating those needs for their Kronos colleagues who are developing and deploying the technology.

Leading that team of RN's is Nanne Finis, a forty-year healthcare industry executive and practitioner.   Nanne recently joined Kronos after having served as nurse executive for TeleTracking Technologies, where she formed and led an advisory service optimizing patient flow processes and technology adoption at hospitals across the nation. Earlier in her career, Finis spent more than two decades at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in both clinical and progressive management roles. She then transitioned to Joint Commission Resources (JCR), the knowledge transfer subsidiary of The Joint Commission, where she designed and led the US patient safety and quality consulting practice and operationalized the industry alliance strategy.

I sat down with Nanne last week to ask her a few questions about her background, her perspective on the current state of healthcare, and what Kronos clients should expect from her in the coming months. You can listen to our conversation to hear her take on how analytics can improve and transform the healthcare industry, strategies for recruiting and retaining the best healthcare staffers, the increasing complexity of the nursing profession, the top complexities facing healthcare providers today and how technology can help mitigate those challenges.

You can listen to our conversation on the player below. Please join the conversation by adding your comments to this post.

9/4/19 Conversation with Nanne Finis

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