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Change for the Better @New York Health & Racquet Club

Change is hard, especially when you have to change longstanding habits.  New York City Health & Racquet Club helps people to make changes to become healthier.  Robin Mitnick, the organization's Director of Payroll, has driven in a lot of change at the organization in the last few years.  Robin manages payroll for anywhere between 700 and 900 employees.  When they decided that they needed a more scaleable approach to managing their scheduling and time and attendance, they chose Kronos to help them.  Robin agreed to do an interview with the Workforce Institute to talk about how she made these changes in a way that managers and employees felt good about the final solution.

If you're preparing for the deployment of a new technology solution for your organization, listen in to hear how Robin was able to make major changes that led to better manager and employee satisfaction.  In our conversation, Robin provide answers to the following questions:

  1. What business challenges you were facing at New York Health & Racquet Club that led you to the conclusion you needed a new approach?
  2. You have a variety of hourly positions at your organization, many of which are tricky to schedule and retain.  Can you talk a bit about the different types of employees you have and how your use of technology has impacted both employees and their managers?
  3. Changes like this can be challenging.  How did you manage the different rollouts with your employees?
  4. You implemented your solution in the cloud.  What advice would you give people here today who might be evaluating the pros and cons of cloud vs. onsite deployment?

Click on the play button below to hear our conversation.

What change management tips would you offer to your peers who are undertaking a new technology deployment?

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