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Celebrating the Workforce - Water Survival Instructor #1in100MM

It's Friday and you know what the means, right? It's time to view another 1 in One Hundred Million video! This week we get a sneak peek into the life of a Water Survival Instructor.


“I still remember the first time a parent called me and told me a child had rescued themselves. I was in tears,” says Justina. As a Water Survival Instructor and mother of two young children, Justina's work is personal. She's seen its life-saving power firsthand, after all, and knows the life-or-death difference it can make.  And from the heartwarming feedback she's received from parents, she knows she's found a lifelong calling. Having taught 250 kids to date, Justina spends up to 5 hours a day in the water at her local YMCA – and considers it a privilege.

1 in One Hundred Million is celebrating the American workforce one grocer, one teacher, one firefighter, and one story at a time. View the entire series.

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