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Celebrating the Workforce - Bat Maker #1in100MM

The 1 in One Hundred Million video series is devoted to sharing the personal stories of the people who do the many important and too-often unrecognized jobs we all rely on. In honor of the upcoming Labor Day holiday, I plan to share the latest 1 in One Hundred Million videos every Friday to celebrate workers.


Sixteen strikeouts – that's the College World Series game record Brett Laxton set as a Louisiana State University freshman and landed him in the major leagues. But today, he's traded the cheering fans and glowing spotlight for the shop floor of Marucci Sports. There, Brett stays behind-the-scenes, handcrafting the bats that players count on for their next big hit. At 100,000 bats to date and counting, Brett doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. For him, making the finest bat in baseball is a matter of pride, and a way to stay connected to his deep roots in America's favorite pastime.

1 in One Hundred Million is celebrating the American workforce one grocer, one teacher, one firefighter, and one story at a time. View the entire series.

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