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Celebrating our Super Hero Nurses

Happy Nurses Week to all you nursing super heroes out there. Here at Kronos, we've put together a little video to celebrate you all.

We've all had nurses in our lives - friends, family, and professionals who've taken care of us. If you know a nurse, you know that they put others first, even as the bottom line pressures of the healthcare environment mean they are often managing sicker patients with fewer resources. We all have our nurse hero stories, but I'd like to share the one that's had the most impact on me.

Katy was working in the dining room in 2009 when my parents moved to the over-55 community where she was employed. Katy was working there to earn her way through nursing school. She was very friendly with my parents, and with my Dad in particular. She displayed extraordinary maturity and compassion, even as a young student. After my mother died in 2010, Katy would often sit with Dad when he was sad and increasingly confused due to Alzheimer's disease. After Katy earned her RN, she went to work in the continuing care facility that is part of that same over-55 community. Although she didn't work on the floor where my Dad eventually was moved, she visited him frequently, tempting his declining appetite with the bacon cheeseburgers he loved.

On the day my Dad died in December 2013, Katy had asked to have her shift switched to his floor when she heard he was failing. Katy was the responsible RN overseeing Dad's care during the last few hours of his life. And it was Katy who put a stethoscope to his chest and declared him gone, her final act of kindness to Dad and our family. She was there, doing the most difficult part of her job, because she wanted to.

Thanks to all the great nurses out there who make a difference.

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