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Months in Review: May and June at The Workforce Institute

Chris Mullen looks back at the last two months of content from The Workforce Institute at UKG.
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Welcome Back! Return to Work Expectations for the Frontline Leader to Manage

Workforce Institute board member Martin Armstrong writes about return-to-work expectations for frontline leaders to manage.
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New Research: The Heard and the Heard-Nots

New research report from The Workforce Institute at UKG looks at how organizations can benefit from listening to their employees.
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Making the Case for Design Thinking

Cecily Tyler writes about the benefits of design thinking for your organization.
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Here Comes the Surge in HR and Labor Lawsuits

Workforce Institute board member Mark Wales writes about the rise in labor lawsuits related to the pandemic.
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New Survey Finds Pandemic-fueled Labor Shortages Intensify Talent Crisis in Manufacturing

A new survey from The Workforce Institute at UKG finds that pandemic-fueled labor shortages have intensified the talent crisis in manufacturing.
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Will A Hybrid Workplace Put Women at a Disadvantage? Not If We Do It Right.

Workforce Institute board member Natalie Bickford writes about the possibility that hybrid workplaces may favor men and how organizations can guard against this.
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Welcome Employees Back to the Office with a Mini Onboarding Program

Workforce Institute board member Sharlyn Lauby writes about the benefits of welcoming employees back to the office post-pandemic with a mini onboarding session.
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Should Employers Require Employees to Come Back to the Office Post-Pandemic?

New Workforce Institute board member Kate Bischoff writes about whether employers should mandate employees return in-person post-pandemic.
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May Is Mental Health Month

In recognition of Mental Health Month, Chris Mullen looks back at some of the best mental health content at The Workforce Institute.
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Hybrid Workplaces: 3 Ways to Make Them Equitable for Everyone

Sharlyn Lauby writes about three ways employers can make hybrid workplaces equitable for all.
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Will the YOLO Era be Our Own Roaring Twenties?

Chris Mullen reflects on the impact of YOLO on our working lives post-pandemic.
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