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Kronos Recipe for Customer Success

Kronos has created a great experience for customer while building a great company culture. Find out how on this podcast.
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The Secret to Easy Workforce Management Implementations

Today's post is courtesy of our board member Bob Clements.  Bob is President at Axsium Group,  a leading workforce management consulting firm. Workforce Management (WFM) implementations are hard. If fact, WFM is harder than almost any other system to successfully implement for two primary reasons. First, rules that govern WFM are surprisingly soft. What makes a […]
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blockchain technology use cases

Blockchain technology use cases - is Workforce Management one?

Today's post about blockchain technology use cases is courtesy of our board member, Mark Wales. Blockchain technology use cases - is Workforce Management one? I recently attended a monthly industry group meeting with representatives from a variety of companies with a presence in the Pacific Northwest, where I live. These monthly gatherings, attended by folks from […]
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Game, Set, Match: Google

Today's post comes to us courtesy of board member John Frehse, senior managing director at Ankura Consulting Group. Does your company provide employees with access to information in a useful format? You may think the answer to this question is “yes”, but, at the risk of sounding harsh, I'm guessing it's actually “no”. Here's why: […]
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A Lifeline for Retailers in a Challenging Climate

Today's post is courtesy of our board member, Mark Wales. Recently, we've seen increasing pressure on retail profitability. Declining traffic and retention, combined with increasing labor costs, higher customer expectations, and the need for more frequent investments in technology and store renovations, are all making survival in the retail jungle a real challenge. The result is that more […]
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Podcast: Kettle Cuisine & the Recipe for Employee Engagement

Kettle Cuisine was founded in the Boston area in 1986 and have their headquarters in Lynn, Massachusetts.  They make small batch, all natural soups from scratch for restaurants, food service operations and grocery retailers nationwide.  They employ about 275 employees, many of whom are immigrants to the United States.  I was introduced to their Sr. […]
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Kronos Culture of Inspiration & Caring for Our Customers

The relationship between employee engagement and customer service is a topic we cover a lot at the Workforce Institute, including in our new book It's All About Bob/bie - Strategies for Winning With Your Employees.  Here at Kronos we believe that happy employees make happy customers. Think about it: a happy, engaged employee - who believes in the company […]
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Winning with Your Employees - It's All About Bob(bie)

I experienced the worst and best customer service experiences of my life from competing companies on the same day a few years ago. My widowed father's Alzheimer's disease had progressed to the point where he could no longer remain in an independent living apartment in his over-60 community. We made the decision to move him […]
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How Are Your Employees Rating You?

Today's post is courtesy of my Kronos colleague, Leo Daley.  This post was orginally published on Working Smarter Cafe.  The experience your employees have when they come to work each day has a huge impact on the experience your customers will have.  What investments are you making in your employees to make them social fans? I've […]
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Happy Marriage of Employee Engagement & Customer Experience

Last week, I had the pleasure of addressing a crowd of my fellow customer experience professionals at the annual Satmetrix user conference.  At Kronos, we invest a lot of effort into listening to our customers, following up with them when they let us know they need something more from us, and incorporating their feedback into […]
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Customer Service Above and Beyond - in the Cloud

Last week I attended the excellent CXPA Insight Exchange conference in San Diego.  CXPA is the Customer Experience Professionals Association.  At Kronos, I'm responsible for our voice of the customer program, and always welcome the opportunity to network and learn from peers in this profession.  I walked away from this conference with a few good […]
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Customer Service - One Star at a Time

The latest videos in our One in 1 Hundred Million series celebrate a couple of customer service stars.  Nicco is the night manager at a hotel, while Catie is a server in a Japanese restaurant.  It's interesting to watch these two videos together.  Both of these folks are in service jobs that can be grueling. […]
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