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Bye Bye 2018 - Our top 5 posts

Today's post is submitted by Joyce Maroney, Executive Director of the Workforce Institute.

This has been a roller coaster of a year from lots of perspectives. Since the perspective we focus on here at the Workforce Institute is how things affect workers and their workplaces, let's take a look at what issues have engaged our readers the most in 2018. And let's say bye bye 2018 and hope that it's onward and upward for 2019.

This year brought us record low unemployment in the US (3.7% most recently), which in turn drove organizations to focus on strategies to retain employees. This was our #1 prediction for 2018, and three of our top 5 posts of 2018 reflect employers' interest in creating workplace cultures where employees will choose to stay.

We also predicted that artificial intelligence in the workplace would become increasingly mainstream, as employees demand more accessible and applicable data to do their jobs. An AI post shows up in our top 5 as well.

Read on to see our top 5 posts of the year. And it's never too late for you to comment and let us know what we got right - or not.

I hope you'll take the time to check out these top posts of 2018. And if you'd like to be ahead of the curve in 2019, please subscribe to the Workforce Institute to receive notifications of new posts.

Happy New Year to you all!

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