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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Goodbyes can be hard - especially when they are unexpected. And when the person leaving has been a trusted ally and friend at work, the workplace dims a bit.

This week is her last at Kronos for Laura Souza. She's been my partner in building the Workforce Institute for almost 6 years, and while the Institute will go on, it won't be quite the same without her.

I've been lucky to have a lot of smart and helpful coworkers over the years. A few have remained friends long after the our coworker relationship ended. I hope Laura will be in that category.

What are the key ingredients that made our relationship at work so great?

Trust - it's the basis of all great relationships, right? And even more so at work where your results and reputation are what you get paid for. Having a partner whose collaboration makes you smarter makes you want to work harder as well.

Shared Purpose - when you share a common purpose that you're excited about, you make the extra effort. Working together to create something bigger and better than you could do independently is exciting. Publishing books and launching the Institute in China are the result of keeping our focus on what's possible, not just what's easy.


I'm going to miss you, girl!


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