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Best Way to Impress Your Boss? Manage Your Brand.

top brands 2013Our Boss's Day survey results published this week really hit a nerve as evidenced by the pick up we saw of our survey results in press, media and social channels (see "what we're reading" below for examples).

Our data indicated that most people who have managers believe their managers set a good example in the way they behave, agreeing they are ethical, honest, collaborative,creative, empowering, innovative, dedicated, and trustworthy.  And 92 percent of those who believe this to be true also believe their managers adhere to those values on a regular basis.

Of course, admiring your boss's character is not the same thing as believing your boss is helping you to advance in your career - generally one of the top asks in any employee engagement survey.  Earlier this week, I received a few questions from a writer doing a piece for Forbes on tips for improving your relationship with your boss, and you can read some of my recommendations in the piece.  One thing I didn't share, but that was a valuable piece of advice I received years ago, is to not give your boss (or anybody else at work) ammunition that could be used to damage your reputation.

I thought about that this week during a talk I attended this week about managing your personal brand.  The speaker, Catherine Kaputa, had a lot of good suggestions about managing the way people perceive you at work.   One thing she said really resonated with me, "If you don't brand yourself, other people will".  Managing your relationship with the boss isn't just about hiding the negatives, but even more so about communicating the positive contributions you make.

Be careful about assuming your work speaks for itself.  The best loved brands in the world still have advertising budgets.

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