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BLS Jobs Report is Good - Holidays look a little brighter (but be careful at the company party)

The Bureau of Labor Statistics report this morning brought positive news, with US unemployment at 7.7% - a new low since 2008.  Our Retail Labor Index this month showed a continuing increase in retail hiring (not unusual this time of year), but it's good to see that growth in other sectors as well.   Let's hope that trend continues in the new year.

Our cartoon of the week here is only partly tongue-in-cheek.  Our customers are increasingly adopting mobile solutions from Kronos - smartphone and tablet.  Frontline managers do a lot of managing in the moment, and appreciate the freedom to access enterprise software while they're on the move.

And speaking of managers making the right decision in the moment, my  favorite story this week comes from the LEGO company.  If you haven't seen this video of a very delighted 10 year old receiving a special customer service surprise from them, you owe it to yourself to watch.  This boy saved for over a year to buy what turned out to be a discontinued kit.  He wrote a letter to LEGO.  Watch the video to see what real customer delight looks like.

Our friend Jessica Miller-Merrell at blogging4jobs is going to be interviewed on 20/20 tonight about how to avoid killing your career at the office party. I haven't seen the interview yet, but assume that passing out and/or making passes are still considered major faux pas.  Jessica's blog site is great.  Stroll over there to subscribe, and you can check out our guest post about the best career advice our board members have ever received.

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