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Unraveling Blockchain for HR

How much do you know about blockchain? If you're like me, the first thing you probably think about is Bitcoin, or maybe other cryptocurrencies.  While it's true that blockchain is perhaps best-known as the backbone technology for the digital currency Bitcoin, its possible applications are much broader, and include a number of common HR processes.

I asked Kronos Vice President of Global Product Management Jessica Griffin to share her insights about what's possible with blockchain today, and what HR leaders need to be thinking about now regarding where blockchain may fit in their HR technology strategy.

Jess does a great job explaining the basics of blockchain technology.  She provides insights into how organizations are beginning to investigate blockchain solutions for common HR processes (think onboarding, benefits enrollment, payroll, etc.).  And she discusses both the advantages and some of the potential risks of blockchain solutions for HR.

I learned a lot from our conversation, and I hope you will take the time to  listen to our conversation below:

Photo courtesy of NASA.

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