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Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace - Sentiments on Opportunities and Threats

The Workforce Institute had recently taken a closer look at how employees worldwide perceive Artificial Intelligence in the workplace. Overall, we have seen cautious optimism and some interesting differences regionally about how willingly employees would accept that new technology in their daily work.

Artificial Intelligence in the workplace for more productivity and fairness

The biggest potential that employees see at this point in time is in areas where it helps simplify and automate internal processes or helps balancing the workload. This result does not come as a surprise since the overall feedback from other surveys that the Workforce Institute had conducted showed that technology in the workplace today still needs improvement to make work more efficient and productive.

Top concerns about Artificial Intelligence in the workplace

While the majority of employees see opportunity for AI to improve fairness in decision-making, increase transparency with clear and consistent performance benchmarks, and reduce administrative work, about a third also expressed concern that AI could someday replace them altogether. Interestingly, German employees were alone in being more concerned with data privacy concerns than in losing their jobs, an indication of what a major topic data privacy is in that country.

A summary of our findings has been published in the Kronos newsroom and an infographic with an overview of all the major findings of our survey is available upon request. Just enter your contact details at the end of the post and we'll send this to you.

What do you think? Is the fact that AI is entering the workplace a more positive or negative thing in your view? Let us know by answering the poll below!



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