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Scenes From an Italian Restaurant

One of the issues that our "Working in America" survey highlights is the importance of health benefits to employees as they evaluate whether to stay in their current positions. Tonight, I was out to dinner with my family after having visited my mother in the hospital. My parents are retired, but fortunate to have excellent […]
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Jared Bernstein Guest Blog: So, is the job market healthy or sick?

From a national perspective, figuring out the status of the current job market has not been a walk in the park.  Large data revisions, conflicting statistics, and considerable regional variation have made it quite a challenge to figure out the dynamics of today's labor market. The biggest challenge stems from a large data revision by […]
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Infotriever is a fickle friend

OK - I said I had a passion for technology, but that's cooled a bit this morning.  As any good BlackBerry addict does, I take advantage of all possible opportunities to manage my life within its cheerful interface.  That includes downloading flight information from our travel agent via Infotriever.  Normally, this works like a charm […]
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Old Home Week at HR Tech

Today I visited the HR Technology Conference and Exposition at the Navy Pier in Chicago. I spent a few hours traversing the exhibit hall and catc hing up with old friends. I had conversations with about a dozen former colleagues and contacts who have moved on to new ventures in the human capital management space. […]
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Global Trends in Playing Hooky

Aug. 31, 2011 Our global survey  reveals that employees in Australia, Canada, China, France, India, Mexico, the U.K., and the U.S., have all, to varying degrees, played hooky - called in sick to work when they were not actually sick. The Kronos Global Absence survey looks at which regions have the highest rates of absenteeism, […]
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Welcome to the Workforce Institute!

Today is launch day for the Workforce Institute website and blog. I'm excited to be opening up our mission to public view, and invite you to contribute to a lively discussion of the topics we present. Our mission is to help the community share ideas that can improve organizational performance through more effective workforce management. […]
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