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Celebrating the Workforce - Jeweler #1in100MM

Part sales, part psychology - go behind the fine jewelry counter in this episode of 1 in One Hundred Million: [youtube] They say diamonds are forever, and Jennifer Miller agrees - but with a caveat. For this fine jewelry sales specialist, special moments and emotions are just as enduring as diamonds. See how Jennifer connects […]
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Take Your Child to Work Day 2016

Last week, Kronos held our 10th annual Take Your Child to Work Day, with 90 Kronite kids ranging from ages 8 through 11 in attendance. It's one of our very favorite days in the office every year, and it was inspired by the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work® program, which just so happens to […]
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Low Engagement Costs UK Businesses £60 billion a Year

In January and February of this year, we collaborated with independent third-party firm Coleman Parkes Research to conduct 500 detailed interviews with line of business/operations managers, HR professionals, and employees representing a cross section of UK-based organizations employing more than 600 employees. Our objective was to understand the current state of employee engagement in the UK.  What […]
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Celebrating the Workforce - Sous Chef #1in100MM

Cooking saved Mike Perez's life. See how in this 1 in One Hundred Million video: [youtube] Mike is in the business of making parties perfect. Whether he's cooking for a party of 30 or 1,000, he pours his heart and soul into every meal he creates. Slicing, dicing, mixing, and plating, Mike is at […]
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Should Super Bowl Monday be a Holiday?

Here in Massachusetts, the home of Kronos' headquarters, Marathon Monday (and, simultaneously, Patriot's Day) is a cherished local holiday.  Many people take the day off.  Thousands are running, and many more people line the 26.2 mile parade route to cheer them on.  And many of those at work are sneaking peeks at the race throughout […]
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Kronos CEO Aron Ain on the Importance of Workplace Culture

  As somebody who frequently writes about employee engagement as a business issue, I am fortunate to work for an organization that is very committed to its employees - inside and outside of work.  That employee-centered ethos starts with our CEO, Aron Ain.   As you can see from the current Glassdoor data pictured here, […]
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March Madness: Coaching, Talent Management, and Keeping the Best Team on the Court

The following post is courtesy of one of our newest board members, Neil Reichenberg.  Neil is the Executive Director of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR).  IPMA-HR is a nonprofit membership organization representing public sector human resource managers and professionals, undertaking research on human resource issues, as well as providing professional development, education, […]
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Should You Pay Employees the Minimum Wage Just Because You Can?

I'm pleased to present the first post from one of our newest board members, Dennis Miller.  Dennis is Chief Employment Officer of the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation and has had a long and varied career as a human resources professional.  Read on to hear his take on minimum wage legislation. “Just because you can, doesn't mean you […]
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Wonolo - Has Uber for Temp Staffing Arrived?

I recently met AJ Brustein, co-founder of Wonolo.  Wonolo is short for "Work. Now. Locally."  AJ and his co-founder created the company in response to their realization that just as " technology was being utilized to solve variable/constant (e.g. Nest Thermostat) or supply/demand (e.g. Uber) situations, we could leverage technology to create a flexible workforce to […]
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Who's the Boss of Workplace Culture? Tweet Chat Highlights

We had a very engaging tweet chat today regarding workplace culture and who defines it, based off our recent survey data. We had quite a few thought leaders weigh in on why HR, managers, and employees have very different opinions about workplace culture; who drives it and why; what's important to creating a great one; and […]
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Podcast: Employees, Managers, and HR Differ on Who Owns Culture

We recently released the results of part 2 of our  Employee Engagement Lifecycle Series research.  This study, conducted with, shows that human resources (HR) professionals, people managers, and employees have very different opinions about workplace culture, who drives it, what's important to creating a great one, and what can destroy workplace culture. More than 1,800 U.S. […]
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How Mobile is Changing the Workplace

Do you check your work email as soon as you wake up? (Spoiler: It's not good for you). Tablets, smartphones, and other on-the-go technologies make it incredibly convenient to check-in with work responsibilities at all hours of the day - not just first thing in the morning. And while it seems productive to constantly be […]
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