Downloadable Assets

The Heard and the Heard-Nots: Who feels heard in the workplace — and who doesn’t? Download here. Strengthening people operations and bridging the talent gap amid crisis. Download here. Trust in the Modern Workplace: Why is trust so hard to find at work? Download here. Closing the Talent Gap: Pre-pandemic insights inform future workforce strategies … Continue reading Downloadable Assets

APPlied Humans at Work

Today’s post is courtesy of Joyce Maroney, Executive Director of the Workforce Institute. Joyce recently spoke with Julia Hobsbawm to discuss her new research entitled “APPlied Humans at Work. This research focuses on how organizations are preparing for the increasing convergence of humans and artificial intelligence in the workplace. It is no surprise that the … Continue reading APPlied Humans at Work

Employee Burnout – Are You There Yet?

We write a lot here about employee engagement as a business issue.  In fact, we wrote a whole book about it, “It’s All About Bob/bie: Strategies for Winning With Your Employees“.  The data establishing the positive business impacts of an engaged workforce are well established.  Gallup data from 2016 indicates that organizations scoring in the … Continue reading Employee Burnout – Are You There Yet?