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3 Can’t-Miss Sessions at the UKG HR & Payroll eSymposium

Today’s post comes to us from Brandon Bielich, managing editor of the UKG Workforce Institute
Feeling stuck in the same-old conversations at work? If you’re in HR, then the answer’s likely yes. In fact, we just discussed this never-ending challenge here as part of our UKG Workforce Institute Weigh-In series last month, highlighting the topics HR just can’t stop talking about
If you’re ready for a different conversation, well, that’s where the UKG HR & Payroll eSymposium comes in. The winter 2024 eSymposium is next week, on January 17. This time around, the theme is “Change the Conversation,” and it’s (finally) time to do just that. 
We’ve invited HR professionals from across industries to speak up, and you’re invited to attend the eSymposium to not only listen in on these candid discussions, but also to act on them. Bridge the disconnect in the workplace and discover how to build alliances across your organization to help individual employees feel good about the work they’re doing and connect to their managers, their departments, and your overall business strategy. 
As with every UKG HR & Payroll eSymposium, the agenda is jam-packed from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. ET with inspiring keynotes, informative sessions, and networking opportunities, all designed to help you make practical change and measure real impact at your organization. Topics range all the way from compliance and generative AI (GenAI) to self-reinvention and preventing burnout. 
Can’t decide which sessions to attend? Here are a few suggestions. 
Can’t-Miss Session 1: 2024 Megatrends and Workplace Predictions
Led By: Dr. Jarik Conrad, vice president of human insights at UKG and executive director of the UKG Workforce Institute, and Karina Monesson, senior manager of HCM research and advisory at UKG 
We are at an inflection point regarding the future of work and the people who do it. Organizations can achieve a competitive advantage in 2024 by reaffirming their commitment to their employees and the communities they serve. But they are going to have to do more than offer vague promises and carefully crafted corporate statements — they must walk the talk and put real change into action. 
In this session, Jarik and Karina will explore the three significant workplace opportunities that can serve as a roadmap for organizations ready to take such decisive action. Sound familiar? This discussion is all about the 2024 HR Megatrends, which we introduced right here at the UKG Workforce Institute last week. Learn more about these three workplace trends and how to navigate them in the year ahead, with this candid conversation between Jarik and Karina. 
Can’t-Miss Session 2: Meet the Changing Needs of Frontline Workers
Led By: Erika Sandoval, global senior partner of human insights at UKG, and Ryan Alexander, senior principal of research science and product strategy at UKG 
HR and payroll are core functions within an organization that not only ensure employees get paid, log hours, and manage schedules and time off accurately, but also are critical to building distinct, equitable experiences that change how frontline workers interact with their organization. Join Erika and Ryan as they discuss how previously underacknowledged systems like payroll and time management are critical to organizations that must retain and grow their frontline staff. 
This session will explore the current landscape of the frontline worker and how we’re entering a new era of ongoing labor shortage, as well as uncover key inclusive practices that connect and include the frontline experience, and help you learn strategies for adapting by looking at human capital management (HCM) tools and processes in different ways. 
Can’t-Miss Session 3: The Heart of HR: A New Conversation
Led By: Julie Develin, senior partner of HCM advisory at UKG and co-host of the People Purpose Podcast 
Compliance, technology, payroll, communication — these topics have one crucial element in common, and it lies at the heart of HR: people. Building alliances, harnessing the latest technology, and changing the status quo are worthwhile endeavors because they can tangibly improve the lives of the human beings that comprise your workforce. 
Although change can be risky, difficult, and uncomfortable, the cost of doing nothing has been proven high time and time again, and organizations stuck in the same-old conversations have an unprecedented opportunity. It’s time to start driving positive outcomes with the tools employees truly need and the courage to put them into practice. 
Julie’s session will provide a holistic look at the topics across the entire eSymposium and introduce a new conversation focused on making change practical. You’ll discover real-world benchmarks, statistics, and steps that any organization can use to get ahead in HR. 
BONUS Can’t-Miss Session: Any session you choose!
Led By: You!

The truth is, you really can’t go wrong with any eSymposium session you decide to attend. That’s the best part about the event: there’s a session designed for every type of HR and payroll leader, whether you want to improve your company culture or learn how to maximize the use of GenAI at your organization — or both! 
So, don’t fret if you choose one session over another or are absolutely torn on which one(s) to attend. Plus, UKG has you covered: If you miss any of the sessions on January 17, you’ll have exclusive on-demand access to them following the event. 
Register now to attend the winter 2024 UKG HR & Payroll eSymposium. It’s free to attend, and you can even earn HR certification credits for participating. 
We’ll see you next week at the eSymposium! 

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