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2015 Major Tech Trends for Small & Medium Businesses

I was recently asked to write an article for the Huffington Post about major trends that will impact small and medium businesses in 2015.   At the Workforce Institute at Kronos, we're seeing businesses across the board taking more advantage of technologies that can help them find, deploy, track, train, engage and retain the people they need to be successful. The technology that most people carry in their pockets in the form of a smartphone makes it increasingly easy for them and their employers to participate in the 5 major trends we see impacting the SMB workplace in 2015.

I've listed the 5 key trends I believe will lead the pack below.  If you want to read more about why I think these are important to SMB's, you can read the full article at the Huffington Post.

  1. The Cloud is for Everybody
  2. Social Media is Mainstream
  3. Wearable Technology Moves Beyond Mobile Devices
  4. Employee Friendly Legislation Ups the Ante for Compliance
  5. Decisions are Increasingly Data Driven

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