Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Goodbyes can be hard - especially when they are unexpected. And when the person leaving has been a trusted ally and friend at work, the workplace dims a bit. This week is her last at Kronos for Laura Souza. She's been my partner in building the Workforce Institute for almost 6 years, and while the … Continue reading Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Check Out Our eBook – What's Your Best Career Advice?

I'm happy to announce the availability of the new Workforce Institute ebook.  In it, we've collected our board members’ points-of-view on the concept of Workforce Innovation That Works™; their thoughts on the most noteworthy human capital management trends; and the best career advice they have ever received.  This book complements our two previously published hardcover books, Elements … Continue reading Check Out Our eBook – What's Your Best Career Advice?

Great Opening Session at #SHRM13 in Chicago

Today's opening session at SHRM 2013 was energizing and inspiring. Hillary Clinton was eloquent - speaking about how the skills and techniques of diplomacy apply to the workplace. You can find highlights of her remarks on my twitter feed at @WF_Institute. Both Hillary and fellow speaker Fareed Zakaria emphasized that despite our economic woes of … Continue reading Great Opening Session at #SHRM13 in Chicago

You Make Me Want to Be a Better Blogger

I love the movie "As Good as It Gets".  In in it, Jack Nicholson awkwardly yet successfully woos Helen Hunt, despite his severe OCD and other social issues.  In a key scene in the movie, he tells her "You make me want to be a better man".  I feel this way today about the new … Continue reading You Make Me Want to Be a Better Blogger

Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Board members Ruth Bramson, David Creelman and I recently met to talk about the opportunities and challenges presented by the increasingly multi-generational workforce.  The picture here makes fun of one particular cliche about Millennials, but there are differences between the generations in terms of their assumptions, preferences and beliefs about how work gets done. When … Continue reading Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Team Building – Yea or Nay?

Today's topic is team building.  I received a guest post from Isabelle Riley, a writer in Australia.  Her guest post is about things employers can do to boost employee morale, including the use of team building events like those provided by her organization, Out of the Square. I've hosted and participated in a number of … Continue reading Team Building – Yea or Nay?